Pipe Cutter



Pipe cutter for PVC

  • Perfect cutting of approx. 8 seconds
  • Ca. 65 cuts per charging
  • Strong construction in stainless materials
  • Delivered in alu suitcase with 2 batteries and 1 charger
  • Cuts from Ø110 to Ø50

We deliver Pipe Cutter 110 with 2 batteries, so you always have a spare battery at hand. After use we
recommend that you charge the batteries immediately so that they are ready for the next task.
We recommend that you also invest in our tripod. Here it is a practical stand that you can put up to the
desired height. This tripod fits perfectly with the pipe cutter. When using the set, use the following
1. Make the tripod ready at the desired height
2. lnsert a battery into the pipe cutter
3. Attach the pipe cutter to the tripod

Hereby you are ready to use Pipe Cutter 110